Authentic African Tie-on Waistbeads

Authentic African Tie-on Waistbeads

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Waistbeads are accessories with deep cultural meaning, originated in Africa. It is believed that the Yorubas in West Africa were known to have created and worn the most beautifully detailed waistbeads. They are worn mainly by females, from birth until death.

they can also be worn to track your waist size. 


I am not a size "perfect" woman, can I wear waistbeads? 

YES, YOU CAN!!!!! Every woman deserves something to make her feel beautiful. Our Authentic African waistbeads come from artists in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria and vary in lengths of 43 - 50 inches, however I create our custom waistbeads in any size that you need.  


I received my tie-on strands, now what? 

1. Remove the strand(s) from the bag and stand in front of a mirror.(If you don't have a full mirror, just make sure that you can see the area you want to place your strand.)

2. Wrap the strand around your waist. (Do not tie knots or cut the anchor beads or knot off, trust me these beads will roll everywhere.)

3. Look in a mirror to decide where you want the strand to lay. (Nope, it’s not time to cut yet.)

4. Push a small space between the beads and check the location again. (Don’t worry the anchor beads or knot, will keep them from sliding off the thread. Make sure that you have room to be comfortable.)

5. If you are happy with the location tie 4 or 5 knots. (I find it helpful to do this slowly and try to get the knots as tight as possible. A firm pull will do, but do not pull so hard that you break the string. This is also when I say the intention for this strand. Here's a hint: Whisper or Scream how much you love yourself, while you tie each knot.)

6. Once you are sure the strands are secure, cut off the excess string and beads. (This is when I burn the excess string with a lighter.)


Make sure the strand is not too tight. (This will reduce breaking and increase comfort, when you bend, sit or when you weight fluctuates.) I personally have worn my original strand for almost 3 years without taking it off. Yes, at some point the thread will loosen or the color of the beads may fade (depending on the beads, not all beads fade). Yes, you will probably pop a strand or two while you are on your journey.